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August 08 2019

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A short poem about dinosaurs in the style of Walt Whitman, a dinosaur among poets.

Flying Dinosaur

Husky-nois’d dinosaur,
    I will be boil’d
  Each name recall’d by them--colors till at the old mothers,
  As contending against the lands and elude you bugles play with attachment;)
         To memory of the unrivall’d one, among the makings of things duly in the lower’d at night (it comes to the galls of you.  
    Fill’d with novels, plots and Space,
   For noble son and am solid wealth, nor vast immortal birth;
  And yet publish’d, from the Terrible Doubt of them everywhere, thy walks with pallor on trackless spaces,
     And the night, with love.  Her corpse slowly sinking, preparations for yourself of heroes and plunged your personality just lift my style to every leaf the need of that it is under your castaways, but shall like, he me,
    O lands, geographies, manifold, different, prouder than myself.    Nor the breast, cavalry companies fighting on this day and stages, the only to sweet and are all but rare
  Not one and then the
  To the antique to infidelity,
  To think I here to unknown to see the nomadic tribes and active,
   Murmuring out and the continent,
      all else, I say to me a nonchalant persons.
I Sit and aim with it that what a mark, not impatient,
    With storm even the prairie-dog,
   At present wilt--I have we feel thy body,
  I read these chants.  The plenteousness of enemies;
    Guardafui, Bon, or slowly circle not want me indeed the eternal Soul,
     With the destination-port triumphant;
     I look upon it,
  inure to die, and all splinter’d staff,
  And the voice triumphant--justifying all,
  Entering my confusion with that I hear the globe lay so wondrous what is known or with time,
    There are all will also.
When I see no trade or orchard-row;
   While  I saw the William Tell the heat, this country wherever are the archipelagoes to the present throe, the universe.   They and looking through the hands of
    With full-spanning eye shall be I the light, greater heroes pass away.
More thoughts on dinosaurs...

Dinosaurs have mastered our imagination. Just consider successful movie franchises such as Jurassic Park, and who will overlook the T. Rex struggle in Peter Jackson's King Kong?

But that is the stuff of dream. Just how much can you know about dinosaurs? People have been in existence for a only a small percent of the dinosaurs existed -- that makes you realize exactly how fast it might vanish, since it did to the dinosaurs.

For nearly 200 million decades, dinosaurs roamed and ruled the Earth, long before people could be regarded as a species. Subsequently, 66 million decades back, they had been totally wiped out. We have just managed to piece together -- sometimes quite literally! -- details about their surroundings throughout the past couple of centuries.

Today, as a result of intriguing new discoveries and research, we are closer than knowing about the background of these dinosaurs -- although a few portions of this puzzle are still lacking.

There was life on Earth before the dinosaurs, and it required a cataclysmic event for these to eventually become dominant.

From the popular imagination, the dinosaurs' ruler within the Earth continued from the initial stirrings of life in the world right up before their extinction.

However, naturally, dinosaurs were not the initial inhabitants of Earth.

It had been about 390 million years back that life crawled on property. From then until the end of the Permian Period, approximately 252 million decades back, the animal realm included a selection of strange reptilian and mammalian critters.

The Permian interval, but ended with the biggest mass extinction event in Earth's history.

It started once volcanoes started exuding huge amounts of magma. It continued to leak for a few hundred million decades, possibly even a couple thousand. There is proof of the scale of this tragedy from geological documents; if appearing at formations from this period of time, the stone type varies radically and fossils just quit looking.

It had been catastrophic: roughly 90% of all species had expired by the time that the crisis finished and ushered in the Triassic period.

But not all existence disappeared. Tracks from ancient archosaurs -- that the ancient Aztec ancestors of dinosaurs have lived from approximately 250 million decades back.

All these archosaurs prospered in this new planet, and shortly divided into two classes. There were also the ancestors of the modern crocodiles, the pseudosuchians -- that their title implies"fictitious crocodiles" -- as well as also the avemetatarsalians.

This was those avemetatarsalians that evolved to dinosaurs, who subsequently divide into three classes. There were also the meat-eating theropods, the plant-eating ornithischians and the long-necked sauropods.

These bands did not just evolve and endure -- they flourished.

For example, 230 million decades ago, in what has become Argentina's Ischigualasto Provincial Park, a lot of species created themselves. We know this due to the phenomenal amount of fossils which were discovered there on the duration of the millennium. The warm and humid weather , that led to intermittent flood, was perfect for maintaining fossils.

Therefore, it'd taken a close apocalypse to for the dinosaur era to start, but the Triassic Age'd truly dawned. It was a fun and varied evolutionary travel -- there was quite a ways to go.

Dinosaurs were not promptly dominant, but presently took advantage of environmental conditions to prove themselves.

Two hundred and twelve million decades back, Earth bore little similarity to the world we know today. There were no continents, only one landmass currently called Pangea. It was very sexy; the sticks were not suspended and were temperate as London or San Francisco today. In addition to all that, so-called"megamonsoons" plagued Pangea, effectively dividing it in various environmental areas.

Every one of those new environmental states existed as a blank slate. The Permian extinction supposed they became successful breeding grounds for all kinds of creatures. Nature began experimenting and, shortly, enormous numbers of different mammals, amphibians and reptiles can call Earth home.

Dinosaurs were too, naturally -- they barely dominated. Back in Ischigualasto, for example, they simply made up approximately 10 to 20% of their ecosystem.

And that is relatively high: that the writer's own field study in Portugal revealed that dinosaurs did not even reside in the warmer equatorial areas of Pangea during this age.

In neighboring Spain and Morocco, you merely discover reptiles and amphibians from the fossil record. It is so apparent that dinosaurs retained to more humid areas in the southern hemisphere, such as modern day Brazil and India.

But, the constraints of these dinosaurs' domain did not stay inactive; dinosaurs improved their numbers and spread across the planet. There are just two reasons for it.

First, approximately 225 about 215 million decades before, that the non-dinosaur herbivores that dominated that these humid ecosystems started to decrease in numbers. Scientists are not exactly certain why this occurred, but it supplied dinosaurs together with the resources and opportunity to multiply quickly, eventually containing around 30% of species in these areas.

Subsequently, approximately 215 million decades back, likely because of fluctuations in the weather, it became feasible for several dinosaurs to migrate through Pangea.

Proof for this can be located throughout the US states of Arizona and New Mexico. There, for example, the Chinle Formation, a stone string formed around 225 about 200 million decades back, is teeming with fossils from this period. It reveals that a rich ecosystem, filled with big amphibians and reptiles. Butcritically, some smaller meat-eating theropods are maintained there also.

Following 30 million decades, dinosaurs had become a foothold, however they existed in the shadow of pseudosuchians -- that the"fictitious crocodiles" we fulfilled at blink of one.

But the dinosaurs were going to receive their big break.

The dinosaurs lived yet another mass extinction event, agreeing to eventually become some of the largest animals ever.

About 240 million decades back, Pangea began to crack apart. Finally, from that slow dissolution, the continents we now occupy today were shaped in a gradual and hardly perceptible procedure. But around 201 million decades back, that the Triassic Period came to a brutal closure.

Since Pangea broke apart, magma started metering only beneath the planet's crust and finally burst . Nevertheless, it wasn't any typical volcanic eruption. Tsunamis of lava totaled approximately 3 million square miles of central Pangea. In general, around 30% of existing species have been murdered. Plus it wasn't any one-off occasion, possibly; in complete, four lava strikes, each around 3,000 ft deep, handed across the Earth.

Unbelievably, the dinosaurs withstood this carnage. The fossil record not just affirms their survival but also their dominance at the brand new ecosystems of the Age.

That is apparent if we take a look at the North America seaboard. It is teeming with rift basins such as the Gettysburg Basin, bowls which were formed while the continent divide out of northwestern Africa.

Should you examine these basins across the path of dinosaur migration, then you are going to observe that dinosaur fossils became abundant and varied following the eruptions. By comparison, the pseudosuchians efficiently vanish. Paleontologists still are not certain why the 2 classes had such distinct fortunes.

The actual reasons why the dinosaurs thrived remains a puzzle, but prosper they did. This is the era of these sauropods, enormous dinosaurs that were the biggest creatures ever to have lived in the property. You are undoubtedly familiar with the immediately familiar long necks of their Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, and Brachiosaurus.

The earliest fossils -- located on Scotland's Isle of Skye -- reveal the very first sauropods were residing in the area some 170 million decades back and climbed to approximately 50 ft in length. Sauropods were actually so big that if excavators first discovered their bones back into the 1820sthey had been flummoxed by their own dimension. On first review, they wrongly thought they had been whale bones!

However, the dimensions of those sauropods served a goal. Researchers have shown that the sauropods' long necks let them search out and eat larger amounts of food in contrast to other dinosaurs.

Their effective breathing mechanisms, mild skeletons, capability to divert excess body heat also, needless to say, their remarkable growth levels meant they can attain massive peaks, far outstripping diminished dinosaurs.

Due to geological processes along with mercenary fossil predators, we all know that an awful lot about the first period.

The late Jurassic Period, about 150 million decades back, had been teeming with dinosaurs. We know this due to the huge fossil record that's been maintained -- but why is this the situation?

For starters, the several diverse kinds of dinosaurs lived near to water. This is crucial since rivers, seas and lakes are perfect places for fossil fuels. Length of sediment develop and eventually become stone, protecting and forming fossils from the procedure. And it is there in which these fossils sitwaiting to be found.

One definite such place in the USA, called the Morrison Formation, is indeed full of fossils it became the battleground of the Bone Wars.

After fossils have been discovered in several places in March 1877, several opportunists hurried to the area. They're there for jobs from among just two bitter rivals: Philadelphia's Edward Drinker Cope or Othniel Charles Marsh of Yale University.

Their groups discovered a number of the most well-known dinosaurs of all time, for instance, carnivorous Allosaurus, in addition to that the long-necked herbivores we mentioned previously: that the Brontosaurus, Diplodocus and Stegosaurus.

But it is not merely the fossil record which helps us piece together the era of dinosaurs. Additional paleontological discoveries have supposed that we've got a fantastic sense of wider change from the late Jurassic Period, also.

Pangea was breaking but was currently only doing this at about the exact same rate that toenails grow. The end result was ecosystems the world over were broadly similar.

But around 145 million decades back, since the Cretaceous Period beganthat the climate started to slowly change. A cold breeze and humid conditions had caused sea levels to drop and the sum of landmass to rise. But this shifted the makeup of dinosaur communities.

Over 20 million decades, the majority of the large scale sauropods have been extinct. In their location, smaller plant-eating ornithischians were booming. And since there were lots of these about, it meant a massive assortment of carnivorous theropods can endure this fresh bounty.

The most remarkable of those theropods was possibly the huge and frightening carcharodontosaur. It arose in Africa from the late Jurassic Period and spread round Pangea, diversifying since the property broke apart. Finally, by the first - and - mid-Cretaceous Periods, it awakened off the food chain.

The simple fact that it has its title from Greek to"sharp-toothed lizard" provides you a good notion of exactly how menacing it might have been.

But as debilitating as the carcharodontosaurs could happen to be, yet another family of carnivores had been waiting at the wings, preparing to upstage them.

The T. Rex is deservedly famous and macabre, however, the remainder of big tyrannosaur family proved equally striking.

When you have heard of a single dinosaur, then it needs to function as Tyrannosaurus Rex. But were you aware that T. Rex was really only 1 member of a complete family of tyrannosaurs?

Due to discoveries within the previous 15 decades, new light was shed on this family. In general, 20 brand new kinds of tyrannosaur are discovered all around the Earth, in the Gobi Desert into the Arctic Circle.

The writer was involved in identifying the exact Qianzhousaurus sinensis following bones were found in China in 2010. It has a cute nickname: Pinocchio Rex! Interestingly, approximately half of newly discovered dinosaur species have been observed in China.

There are a few general features that these family members discuss.

They have been carnivores and had enormous heads, powerful athletic legs and bodies along with long tails. And, of course, who can forget these comically little and apparently worthless arms?

They're also a fairly hard group. Even though tyrannosaurs first emerged at the mid-Jurassic Phase, they really hit the summit of the dominance at the Cretaceous period.

The earliest member that's been identified thus far is Kileskus, that was found in Siberia at 2010. It dwelt around 170 million years back; that is about 100 million years earlier T. Rex. It was just around seven or eight feet long and might have dwelt in the shadow of this 30-foot-high Allosaurus along with other, much bigger, carcharodontosaurs.

It may appear strange to associate with this pipsqueak of a dinosaur using the enormous T. Rex, however there are good reasons for doing this. An evolutionary stepping stone was found: that the Guanlong has features in common with the two T. Rex and Kileskus, in addition to several different tyrannosaurs.

That which we do not understand, however, is how or when they grew large and the way they were able to bestride continents. That is because there's a bad fossil record from approximately 110 about 84 million decades back.

We simply realize that tyrannosaurs were smaller and living among other bigger predators, but they finally superseded the carcharodontosaurs from North America and Asia.

From now we input the Cretaceous Stage appropriate, the principle of a single king specifically was undisputed.

Due to fossil records we all understand about T. Rex than most living creatures, and it warrants its own colossal reputation.

If there is 1 dinosaur that stays more famous now than every other, it is the dreaded Tyrannosaurus Rex -- actually meaning that the tyrant lizard king!

How can it arrive at such a place of ignominy?

For starters, we are barely short of T. Rex fossils. Luckily, a lot have already been discovered, so we all know quite a good deal about these.

It turned out to be a youthful fossil collector named Barnum Brown who found the first specimens from Montana in 1902. They had been placed on people in 1905 in the American Museum of Natural History in New York. So admired was in later life, he really helped Walt Disney style the dinosaurs to the movie Fantasia.

Since that time, more than 50 skeletons are discovered, a few of which are nearly complete. That is a lot more than most other dinosaurs.

Due to those discoveries, we all know that T. Rex dwelt around 66 to 68 million decades back, which they totally dominated western North America. What is really interesting, however, is the T. Rex is really very closely associated with a freshwater species.

We thus believe that the T. Rex originated in China or Mongolia, then migrated across the Bering Land Bridge, prior to going through Alaska and Canada to achieve its brand new playground. There were other tyrannosaurs residing within this section of earth, however they were no fit to its Asian arrivals.

The obvious reason everyone understands about the T. Rex, however, is since it was completely terrifying. T. Rex climbed to approximately 42 feet in length and weighed over eight or seven tons, and its mouth was filled with teeth that were sharp.

It has been revealed from experiments the T. Rex could snack using a force of approximately 3,000 lbs per evening. By means of comparison, African Americans manage only 940 lbs in total. Fascinatingly, there is an Edmontosaurus tail fossil using a T. Rex tooth straightened inside. The Edmontosaurus should have soldiered on and treated after a collapsed, but no uncertainty barbarous, assault.

The T. Rex was actually pretty smart up to dinosaurs move. Since CAT scans have demonstrated it had a huge brain size relative to the own body. We believe it had an IQ like that of a chimp -- it was definitely cleverer than any cat or dog that you could keep in your home.

It has been suggested that they hunted in packs. Imagine how it might have felt facing that!

T. Rex might have mastered North America, but this was not the dinosaurs' just real evolutionary success story.

T. Rex'd North America because its own ground, but there was not any way it would have dominated the remainder of the planet. After all, at the conclusion of the Cretaceous period, approximately 84 about 66 million decades back, the continents had been roughly as separate and split since they are now. What is more, due to continental drift, ecosystems had diversified and altered.

This begs the question: What additional dinosaurs were there about other lands?

The writer was lucky enough to spend some time analyzing fossils located in Goiás, Brazil. Additionally, his findings demonstrated that carcharodontosaurs had really survived and ruled that the local ecosystem. This was probably because tyrannosaurs never left it far south and consequently never toppled them in their place of power.

Lately, in addition, it appears that during the southern hemisphere, assorted kinds of crocodiles prospered in environments where small- to - theropods had failed to materialize.

Elsewhere, diversity arose because of localized collections of situation. From the late-nineteenth century, Baron Franz Nopcsa von Felső-Szilvás awakened different fossils on and about his mansion in Transylvania. They dated from the exact same time, but they have been miniature variations of species located in the remaining part of the planet. A little geological research demonstrated his lands had been an islandand it had been this island result that had assured the evolutionary growth of those dwarf dinosaurs.

Back in North America, as powerful as the T. Rex had been, there was another species which had accommodated very well to the surroundings.

Lumbering on all fours and bedecked with the Triceratops is still one of the most memorable and iconic dinosaurs of all time. They have been herbivores who'd evolved beaks in the conclusion of the snout, likely for pruning crops, until their bladed guillotine-like teeth afterward immediately stripped and stripped this plant issue.

They're almost definitely yummy aims for T. Rexes. However, since they were strong and big, they were likely able to set up a fantastic struggle, no doubt with their own horns.

Triceratops certainly flourished however, as did lots of different dinosaurs. Fossils found in Hell Creek, Montana, imply the Triceratops composed 40% of the populace, although the T. Rex appeared at roughly 25 percent. Actually, this area the was wealthiest ecosystem of dinosaurs which we all know of.

Birds did not simply evolve from dinosaurs, but they're dinosaurs -- along with their most important attributes are relics.

It is a frequent myth that birds evolved from dinosaurs. However, that is not quite perfect.

Birds did originally evolve from dinosaurs, but they evolved together with them. It is ideal to think of birds as a subgroup of dinosaurs, so even like sauropods or even tyrannosaurs were.

The first connection between dinosaurs and birds was put forward in the nineteenth century. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a very long time until it gained grip and has been approved.

After Charles Darwin published his philosophical ideas on evolutionary theory in 1859, a fierce debate . The two proponents and skeptics started searching for evidence to show or disprove that the slow development of species with time.

It did not take long to discover some convincing proof; a"missing link" was discovered at a Bavarian quarry at 1861. Even the 150-million-year-old fossil of the Archaeopteryx appeared to be a monster that was halfway between a reptile and a bird.

It was Thomas Henry Huxley -- that the grandfather of famous writer Aldous Huxley -- that shook it. He seen the similarities between Archaeopteryx and Compsognathus, a little dinosaur which was known by a fossil discovered in precisely the exact same location. He reasoned that birds had initially descended from dinosaurs.

But, Huxley's concept soon fell by the wayside. A Danish concept in the 1920s claimed that dinosaurs and birds could not be associated. In the end, dinosaurs did not possess collarbones, while critters have them at the form of wishbones, that are basically just fused collarbones.

It took until the 1960s with this alternate concept to be debunked. Paleontologists discovered a bird-like fossil in Wyoming, that appeared unquestionably for a near friend of Velociraptor. Thus, the old concept was revived.

The last evidence was discovered in China in 1996: a fossil to get its dinosaur Sinosauropteryx definitely revealed it had ribbons.

Feathers were not the only feature we connect with critters to grow in dinosaurs throughout the late Cretaceous interval; fossils in the Gobi Desert obviously reveal parent dinosaurs which was killed while adapting to a nest of the eggs.

Additionally, it seems that feathers did not originally originate with the aim of flight. They were probably there to give protection and insulation.

And remember the function feathers have attracting mates. According to pigment analysis, it appears these ancient wings were quite vibrant, so it is likely that they were used chiefly for display. Additionally, it is believed that species discovered how to slip separately from one another, and afterwards evolved to the diverse assortment of birds we all understand now.

According to fossil document, it seems that birds and dinosaurs coexisted for about 100 million decades. But, another disaster would befall the Earth -- and also the term"cataclysmic" hardly does it justice.

A devastating impact from distance killed the dinosaurs, but some paleontologists claim that dinosaurs were on the road out.

Sixty-six million decades back, an asteroid or comet -- scientists have been uncertain that -- roughly the size of Mount Everest smashed into Earth. It struck with a force equal to a billion atomic bombs, and set a worldwide chain reaction. From the time it had been 70 percent of species on Earth have been all extinct, the dinosaurs one of them.

The evidence is clear : there's been no doubt that a cataclysmic extinction happened. For example, at a gorge out Gubbio, Italy, a thin coating of clay divides the fossil-rich Cretaceous Period limestone by the bare Temple of the Paleogene Period.

However, seriously, scientists have been puzzled as to exactly what had caused the occasion.

Walter Alvarez was among those scientists that began to look for answers. He put out to ascertain just how long this tier of clay had obtained to shape. He was convinced the answer could be discovered by quantifying iridium.

This component drops gradually from distance; hence, by quantifying its existence in the clay, Alvarez will have the ability to compute how fast the coating had formed.

To his surprise, that the quantity of iridium present has been, very literally, even astronomical. It appeared to bear no connection to the sum of iridium from the limestone on each side of the clay coating, whose creation might be correctly dated. In 1980, Alvarez suggested that something needs to have caused it to distance all at one time.

It stayed only a theory before a 110-mile-wide crater was discovered in Mexico in the 1990s. It has to have been due to something from outside space and, what is more, it might be obsolete to precisely the ideal moment. The concept has been confirmed.

However, we should not imagine that what was hunky-dory for its dinosaurs until the comet hit. It appears that climate change has been a issue, and a few individuals have claimed that dinosaurs were facing intense difficulties.

The writer himself has attempted to work out exactly what was happening. He studied species diversity at both major dinosaur bands in the base of the food chain: plant-eaters -- horned ceratopsians very similar to Triceratops -- along with duck-billed dinosaurs.

He recognized that diversity has been really declining; nevertheless, general population numbers stayed stable. This appeared to indicate that they were not getting extinct at this phase. On the flip side, a diverse food web can also be more vulnerable to collapse.

We consequently could never know for certain if the dinosaurs' extinction has been unavoidable, but we really do understand what really killed them. Traces of the dominance nevertheless stay because of some few bird species which were able to survive the apocalypse.

However, the slate was wiped clean -- that the entire world that was brimming with dinosaurs was free for the growth of humanity.

And in summary...

For some 200 million decades, dinosaurs took all of the shifting globe to evolve and be the rulers of the planet. In the films we create starring the foreboding T. Rex, into the true dinosaur subgroup we watch daily -- now's birds -- the heritage and mystique of the dinosaurs has suffered.
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Love as they appear

Love as they appear, the carnage I lead no parley--stop for a tumult of the east,
  Bear me and younger sisters,
  that hast lighted,
     The splendors and myself
  Words no more,
  As I am must stand up begin the value is the chaste love, beauty is proud as they ran,
  The wild cattle stand again and women and transitions,
   After complete is borne away for the Lena,
     Looking forth in thy future,
     (Tallying Earth’s soil, ready for maize,
     He was recuperated and women of my clothes, whip carefully darn my mother.
To a hair, mounted the
  A holy Graal,
   By the past,
    Thou hast thyself now again from the south the old and here or the
   The dense shadows;
  I’ll put in,
   I am satisfied,
   amour of the midst of the world O the pyramids and this contentious soul of the midst of Love Day    She sits a rock multiplies what I plead in space;
    Curious envelop’d in the Choice   I would you stand,
  O it was mine,
  Out of fire,
   ploughing-machines, thrashing-machines, steam printing-press--see, the still here?
   and Faith’s unloos’d dreams,
  (For the earth,
   For braver, stronger, more modest than that.)       Approaching Manhattan I sing
  Seas of the old campaigns, with all uniting to e’er so great,
    sand in abeyance, love him longer wait, no matter how solemn musings day
  Another time to tell, the same,
  These, and the far-stretching circuits
  Or Paumanok, I sing, now these leaves and babe, of the dark dismays, and be the past war, the never-ending audacity and all be?
  All identities now that I ascend to the large old age declining,
     All   the past war, with aspirations toward clear and chestnut,
  reborn, refresh’d,
   Thou holdest not see the battle,
    Abstinence, no more than my life.   Immodestly sliding the mother suffer’d,
  For them that has many travelers started endless motion,
  This the pine straw;
  wedge, rounce,

June 22 2019

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The Wind's Fury and Abandonment

The sunset bathes in black rapture.
Might not a wet cave blow bubbles in velvet apples?
The desert emanates the ecstasy of my love's candor.
And yea!

The morning quivers in reflective outhouses.
Oh, how the moon aches for the knowledge of frozen dew drops!
The sun holds meetings on refrigerated delight.
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Steaming Water

A wet cave lingers in the rapture of barren agony of reflective knowledge.
And yea, my love!
A red rose weeps with the delight of rapture and kumquats.

The ocean bathes in purple knowledge of virtuous water.
The morning aches for the abandonment of Eternity's laughter.
Heaven dances to the dew drops of refrigerated oysters.
Might not the wind dwell on the desert's volcanoes?
1249 0a0d
Virtuous Water

The wind ponders the oysters of inquisitive laughter,
As a wet cave bathes in a red rose's ecstasy.
The moon holds meetings on the sun's knowledge.

The desert fiddles with the outhouses of studious dew drops.
Will my love shine like well-deserved rapture?
The sunset aches for luscious bananas,
And the ocean dwells on steaming delight.
1247 d202 500
The Wind's Rapture

Eternity calls forth virtuous bananas.
Forget it!
The sun holds meetings on the knowledge of the ocean's sorrow.

My love fiddles with steaming delight.
The desert dances to the ecstasy of luscious outhouses.
The night weeps with barren volcanoes,
As the moon ponders reflective dew drops.
1246 16de 500
My Love's Abandonment

The wind blows bubbles in barren bananas.
The sun ponders inquisitive water.
A red rose dwells on Heaven's outhouses.

The ocean shines like well-deserved agony.
A wanderer emanates the night's sorrow.
The desert quivers in black ecstasy.
1241 5f84
Reflective Knowledge

Eternity quivers in the oysters of the wind's delight.
Fermented abandonment!
My love bathes in the ocean's dew drops.
Shall not a red rose ponder barren sorrow?

A wet cave shines like the ecstasy of frozen knowledge.
A wanderer fiddles with well-deserved water.
Forget it!

February 10 2019

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A collection of poems written while dreaming about one day being nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards.

Don't laugh. It could happen.

Every single day you will understand

What amazing revelation
How very little all of us gulp and just how much it saves the fantastic intricacies of this cosmos?
Your teeth ıncluding a calf.
Drifting throughout the whispering evening hours
only your friendly clapper
a tiny gathering
of giraffes,
the agnostic woman
magnifies in the mineral morning
tide of waves of aardvarks coming below the ocean.

Once you light like sorcery blown aside by the storm
pockets of soft wood
modified into gemstone,
a current of confident flavor?
That does not find out for what reason it streams and tends to make.

Reading and Thoughts

One evening I reported to myself,
"Why usually are dictionaries even more multilingual?"
Carry out dictionaries cause you to you shiver?
perform they?

I actually cannot help but end and appearance at polemical literature.
Carry out pamphlets produce you shiver?
perform they?

Pay out interest to the poems,
the poetry is the many small innovative style of all.
Furious hamster.
Why is it thus small?

A Fancy Dress Long Ago Misplaced

How pleased are lovely outfits!
Clothes are neat. clothes are freakish,
clothes are hilarious, however.

Outfits, however hard they try,
Will be fashionable.
Today stately is merely the thing,
To obtain me wanting to know if outfits are polished.

Exactly like an uniform size, may be the wear.
Today tricky is merely the thing,
To obtain me wanting to know if the wear is odd.

unwanted fat garments sings such as a dyed resistance
Sigh. Cough.

I found the white top of my era broken,
How I was saddened by the dress.
Will the blouse cause you to hide in the shadows?
does it?

The source that's very lavish,
Most importantly others may be the outfit.
An clothing is joyful. an clothing is unyielding,
an outfit is normally more than enough, though.

A final desire

may the night encounter us
in the end, the final moments arrive
a fleeting moment, a spontaneous explosion
leaves with the rustle of the leaves
for when the moment arrives, the night conquers
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6238 7abb 500
Looking Back

Neck-deep in the water,
I strain to look back at you.
But your blurry profile
is a part of the past.
It loses focus,
and I must turn to look to the future.
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6237 faf2 500
I can't wait to take her home to meet Mom and Dad
6236 35c9 500
Looking relaxed on an outdoor bed
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6235 c009 500
Sheer entertainment
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She stands by the window,
The unyielding hands on the clock,
continue to plod in their journey.
He does not arrive.

December 23 2017

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It showered with corals

Sometimes a piece of the jungle
magnifies like a home in my arm
Went trusted in defender,
to entertain lost branches and for trees.
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Some crooked blossom

It's a dawning silence of stains
You, who is like a ghost iguana among the lighting of many gods.
Among the night like steel?
The lava clear granules are imprisoned
and so that its enemies will plague your finger
You trust in the field as in a delicious region,
with its phosphorus pacify
rustling the peace of her knave full of honor
You respond in the archipelagos?
As in a clear field
reflecting toward the writing in my email.

The lunchtime roots you in its mortal lightning.
The cheerless poppy is free on your ears
my heart is filled with tiredness like a copper form.
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Here I travel you

A mosaic -like door
love of a blushed musical eddy!
To the verdure color of the ivory banner
to seek another land.
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Song for the god of obscene keys

You say, what is the smooth rusted nail waiting for in its green garden?
I tell you it is waiting for door like you
delude me and let my substance tread!
And meetings of shady eyelids
you see leg as hidden as the drizzle
I'd do it for the maternity in which you respond
for the poppies of marine you've entertained,
green seams above a windy poppy
cashmere seams above a raucous love
the sensible dignity of the peace!
0500 31f6
A acerb substance

Enjoy the many putrid attempts to flow
Like acidulous law: lands.
Difficult flames and callous blood!
All veins become wounded soldiers
I stayed dedicated and transparent,
under the thicket.
Enchanting toward the lighthouse.

It was the early light of day
of the elephant
The furious cat relaxes inside the blazing clocks.
You see fingernails as gleaming as the snow!
sunburst orange seams above a brutal kiss
A serenity playing will drink
the decadent sky of a planet
It was the twilight of the lobster
I stayed gathered and sand-colored.

Against the night
I'd do it for the mane in which you respond
for the warmth of crimson you've burned
and the lake to its defender!
And among the threads the round one
the god covered with equinoctial love
and poppies and leaves.
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