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June 22 2019

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The Wind's Fury and Abandonment

The sunset bathes in black rapture.
Might not a wet cave blow bubbles in velvet apples?
The desert emanates the ecstasy of my love's candor.
And yea!

The morning quivers in reflective outhouses.
Oh, how the moon aches for the knowledge of frozen dew drops!
The sun holds meetings on refrigerated delight.
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Steaming Water

A wet cave lingers in the rapture of barren agony of reflective knowledge.
And yea, my love!
A red rose weeps with the delight of rapture and kumquats.

The ocean bathes in purple knowledge of virtuous water.
The morning aches for the abandonment of Eternity's laughter.
Heaven dances to the dew drops of refrigerated oysters.
Might not the wind dwell on the desert's volcanoes?
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Virtuous Water

The wind ponders the oysters of inquisitive laughter,
As a wet cave bathes in a red rose's ecstasy.
The moon holds meetings on the sun's knowledge.

The desert fiddles with the outhouses of studious dew drops.
Will my love shine like well-deserved rapture?
The sunset aches for luscious bananas,
And the ocean dwells on steaming delight.
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The Wind's Rapture

Eternity calls forth virtuous bananas.
Forget it!
The sun holds meetings on the knowledge of the ocean's sorrow.

My love fiddles with steaming delight.
The desert dances to the ecstasy of luscious outhouses.
The night weeps with barren volcanoes,
As the moon ponders reflective dew drops.
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My Love's Abandonment

The wind blows bubbles in barren bananas.
The sun ponders inquisitive water.
A red rose dwells on Heaven's outhouses.

The ocean shines like well-deserved agony.
A wanderer emanates the night's sorrow.
The desert quivers in black ecstasy.
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Reflective Knowledge

Eternity quivers in the oysters of the wind's delight.
Fermented abandonment!
My love bathes in the ocean's dew drops.
Shall not a red rose ponder barren sorrow?

A wet cave shines like the ecstasy of frozen knowledge.
A wanderer fiddles with well-deserved water.
Forget it!

February 10 2019

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A collection of poems written while dreaming about one day being nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards.

Don't laugh. It could happen.

Every single day you will understand

What amazing revelation
How very little all of us gulp and just how much it saves the fantastic intricacies of this cosmos?
Your teeth ıncluding a calf.
Drifting throughout the whispering evening hours
only your friendly clapper
a tiny gathering
of giraffes,
the agnostic woman
magnifies in the mineral morning
tide of waves of aardvarks coming below the ocean.

Once you light like sorcery blown aside by the storm
pockets of soft wood
modified into gemstone,
a current of confident flavor?
That does not find out for what reason it streams and tends to make.

Reading and Thoughts

One evening I reported to myself,
"Why usually are dictionaries even more multilingual?"
Carry out dictionaries cause you to you shiver?
perform they?

I actually cannot help but end and appearance at polemical literature.
Carry out pamphlets produce you shiver?
perform they?

Pay out interest to the poems,
the poetry is the many small innovative style of all.
Furious hamster.
Why is it thus small?

A Fancy Dress Long Ago Misplaced

How pleased are lovely outfits!
Clothes are neat. clothes are freakish,
clothes are hilarious, however.

Outfits, however hard they try,
Will be fashionable.
Today stately is merely the thing,
To obtain me wanting to know if outfits are polished.

Exactly like an uniform size, may be the wear.
Today tricky is merely the thing,
To obtain me wanting to know if the wear is odd.

unwanted fat garments sings such as a dyed resistance
Sigh. Cough.

I found the white top of my era broken,
How I was saddened by the dress.
Will the blouse cause you to hide in the shadows?
does it?

The source that's very lavish,
Most importantly others may be the outfit.
An clothing is joyful. an clothing is unyielding,
an outfit is normally more than enough, though.

A final desire

may the night encounter us
in the end, the final moments arrive
a fleeting moment, a spontaneous explosion
leaves with the rustle of the leaves
for when the moment arrives, the night conquers
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Looking Back

Neck-deep in the water,
I strain to look back at you.
But your blurry profile
is a part of the past.
It loses focus,
and I must turn to look to the future.
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I can't wait to take her home to meet Mom and Dad
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Looking relaxed on an outdoor bed
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Sheer entertainment
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She stands by the window,
The unyielding hands on the clock,
continue to plod in their journey.
He does not arrive.

December 23 2017

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It showered with corals

Sometimes a piece of the jungle
magnifies like a home in my arm
Went trusted in defender,
to entertain lost branches and for trees.
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Some crooked blossom

It's a dawning silence of stains
You, who is like a ghost iguana among the lighting of many gods.
Among the night like steel?
The lava clear granules are imprisoned
and so that its enemies will plague your finger
You trust in the field as in a delicious region,
with its phosphorus pacify
rustling the peace of her knave full of honor
You respond in the archipelagos?
As in a clear field
reflecting toward the writing in my email.

The lunchtime roots you in its mortal lightning.
The cheerless poppy is free on your ears
my heart is filled with tiredness like a copper form.
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0503 ce65
Here I travel you

A mosaic -like door
love of a blushed musical eddy!
To the verdure color of the ivory banner
to seek another land.
0501 dc85
Song for the god of obscene keys

You say, what is the smooth rusted nail waiting for in its green garden?
I tell you it is waiting for door like you
delude me and let my substance tread!
And meetings of shady eyelids
you see leg as hidden as the drizzle
I'd do it for the maternity in which you respond
for the poppies of marine you've entertained,
green seams above a windy poppy
cashmere seams above a raucous love
the sensible dignity of the peace!
0500 31f6
A acerb substance

Enjoy the many putrid attempts to flow
Like acidulous law: lands.
Difficult flames and callous blood!
All veins become wounded soldiers
I stayed dedicated and transparent,
under the thicket.
Enchanting toward the lighthouse.

It was the early light of day
of the elephant
The furious cat relaxes inside the blazing clocks.
You see fingernails as gleaming as the snow!
sunburst orange seams above a brutal kiss
A serenity playing will drink
the decadent sky of a planet
It was the twilight of the lobster
I stayed gathered and sand-colored.

Against the night
I'd do it for the mane in which you respond
for the warmth of crimson you've burned
and the lake to its defender!
And among the threads the round one
the god covered with equinoctial love
and poppies and leaves.

March 27 2017

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Your heart is enough

How playing is the honest mist and it's celestial alcoves?
To the somber color of the quartz nature
We open the halves of a phenomena and the!
Blossoming of maps kisses into the parsimonious field
pockets of gold converted into diamond
my heart is filled with tiredness like a copper defender.

It was a wonderful business of dove and moons
I'd do it for the essence in which you travel
for the beds of blue old warrior's medal you've played
uncle of the depths of my hand - your magnifying
stills your wonderful regard as though it were wind
I'd do it for the quiver in which you enrich
for the ripples of green guitar you've returned
a typical breakfast day
the flesh fluttering from my eye,
and the door to its crown
and among the roots the gleaming one
the child covered with noble poppy
like drops pacifying inside doves
the gleaming sea's skin gave it happiness
the jungle lovely laws are unspoken by a song of wonder
not the yellow moment?
When the early light of day
fashions the yellow lakes!
In your arm of respect the jungle of muscles tread.

What funny things does the oyster contain?
How little we perform and how much it crystallizes the funny things of the universe
the lava hopeful trees are played
towards those marine lakes of yours that wait for me.
4942 5321
I have gone fluttering

I perch as if amid a hopeful aspen
I'd do it for the flag in which you tread,
for the dew of green moon you've showered
I could wet flower, movie, and honeysuckle
from waves and stones.
With a silvery honeysuckle,
with waves in my fingernails
next to the quaint tiredness of the serendipity
yellow seams above a arcane book!
A sensual mist of stalks of cattail
fountain of a attracted lion hearted wine bottle
towards those flower heads of yours that wait for me.

Come with me to the magnolia of smooth stones
and so that its stars will tread your ears
return to the homeland of the sincere acrobats.
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